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Summer events and festivals
Asahikawa Spring
  Hokkaido Ongagu Daikoushin
(Musical parade)
  Shiraoi Gyuniku Matsuri
(Beef festival)

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Fair

  Shibasakura Matsuri
(Pink Moss festival)
  YOSAKOI Soran Matsuri
(Yosakoi Soran dance parade)
Healthy Marathon (Biei)
  Yamano Matsuri
(Asahidake opening ceremony)
  Tokachidake Hiraki
(Tokachidake opening ceremony)
  Kaimono Koen Matsuri
(Street perforg festival)
  Oumu Sangyo Kanko Matsuri
(Oumu business festival)
  Flower Festa (Higashi Kagura)
  Hotaru Matsuri
(Firefly festival)
  Mizu Matsuri
(Water festival)
  Yubetsu ato Matsuri
(Port festival)
  Sky Sports trial festival (Toma)
  Biei Himatsuri
(Fire festival)

kyokoku Himatsuri
(Vally fire festival)

  Hana to honou, Shikisai Matsuri
(Flower and fire festical)
(Kami Furano)
  Himawari Matsuri
(Sunflower festival)

Lavender Matsuri
(Lavender festival)

(Naka Furano)
  Bonchi Matsuri
(Valley festival)

Natsu Matsuri
(Summer festival)


Okhotsk Natsu Matsuri
(Okhotsk summer festival)

  Shashin Koshien
(National Highschool photo contest)
  Kokusai Shashin Festival
(International photo festival)
  Heso Matsuri
(Belly dance parade)
  Hotaru Matsuri
(Firefly festival)


  Dontokoi Matsuri (Higashikawa)
  Banryu Matsuri
(Dragon festival)

Ebi, Hotate Matsuri
(Shrimp and Scallop festival)

  Sanroku Matsuri
(Night district festival)

Natsu Matsuri
(Summer festival)

  Tonden Matsuri
(Pioneer festival)
  Rekka Tanabata Matsuri
(Summer star festival)
(Asahikawa )
  Candle Art (Ashibetsu)
  Ginza Tanabata Matsuri
(Star festival)
  Onneyu Onsen Matsuri
(Hot spring festival)
  Higashi kagura Hana Matsuri
(Flower festival)
  Love River Matsuri (Sunagawa)
  Balloon Festival (Kami Shihoro)
  Bon Odori Taikai
(Summer dance )
  Dokanto Nogyo Matsuri
(Agriculture festival)
  Andon Matsuri
(Float fighting festival)
  Gyuniku Matsuri
(Beef festival)
  Teppen Matsuri
(Aguriculture festival)
  Cosmos Festa (Engaru)

Yubetsu Tulip Park
Furano Town -  富良野

The non-winter seasons in Furano offer rafting, golf, park golf, mountain bike riding, fishing, camping, hiking, climbing, hot air ballooning, and horseback riding to name just a few of the outdoor activities. Add to these; festivals, wineries, galleries, museums, craft workshops, and fine restaurants and you can begin to imagine how full your Furano itinerary can quickly become.

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   Summer in Asahikawa

Summer is definitely festival season in Asahikawa with each week offering either a festival, fireworks, outdoor dining, dancing, or all of the above rolled into one. It is a great time of year to be in the city as beer gardens come alive in the street offering good food, music, and plenty of beer.

In between beer garden sessions visitors have an abundance of sightseeing and activity options.

Tokiwa park in the city is great for a walk in the morning or evening or for reading a book in the sun during the day, and is a short walk from most all of the city hotels. Kaguraoka park is a little further away but certainly worth it. Its size offers a long and relaxing walk and features Kamikawa Shrine where people can rest, pray, or pick up souvenirs. At the base of the park and adjacent to the river is a nice BBQ. area.

The surrounding areas like Biei, Furano, Sounkyo and Tomamu are easily accessible from Asahikawa and offer fantastic activities such as rafting, canoeing, canyoning, hot air ballooning and a host of other attractions.

Hiking is popular around Asahikawa during summer and trails on mountains such as Asahidake and Kurodake are a delight for hikers and photographers. Just bring plenty of energy with you and you are sure to have an enjoyable experience.

Art Hotels Asahikawa
Art Hotels Asahikawa

The Art Hotels Asahikawa counts amongst the finest hotel offerings in Northern Hokkaido. Experience comfort, great dining and exceptional service at an affordable price.

Situated close to the city centre and nightlife district, the AHA deserves to be regarded as one of the best choices for visitors to Asahikawa.

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Casa El Nino - Asahikawa
Casa El Nino
[Authentic Spanish Restaurant]

For a truly authentic Spanish experience, look no further than Casa El Nino.

Whether you're interested in ambience, food quality, variety, comfort, or value for money, you'll have no problem finding plenty to love about this restaurant. The food is simply outstanding.

The traditionally cured Spanish meats, tapas, paella (the squid-ink paella is AMAZING!), soups, and seafood are all exquisite and need to be tried. The menu is very broad, giving you multiple choices of meat, chicken, seafood, or salad dishes, while at the same time giving diners a chance to sample something perhaps less familiar.

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New Furano Prince Hotel
New Furano Prince Hotel

The New Furano Prince Hotel offers unsurpassed convenience for both winter and summer visitors to Furano. It's proximity to the Furano Ski Area, a host of spectacular dining options, and sensational hot- spring facilities all conspire to make the New Furano Prince Hotel the number one choice for Furano accommodation.

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Nuts Cafe - Oriental

[Japanese Izakaya]

Rishiri is a fantastic Japanese Izakaya in the centre of Higashikawa Town, about 30 minutes drive from Asahikawa.

At Rishiri you'll find the best that Hokkaido has to offer, particularly with regards to the freshest Hokkaido seafood.

The expertly prepared sashimi, grilled fish, oysters, and tempura are a standout for seafood lovers, though all of your Japanese favourites are well represented as part of a comprehensive menu.

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