Chuo Pharmacy - Asahikawa

Chuo Pharmacy is one of the oldest pharmacies in Asahikawa,and has the most locations in the city area. The aim of Chuo Pharmacy is to support Asahikawa people’s health not only through the accurate and helpful service, but also by informing and educating people in relation to prescribed medications, symptoms, treatment, and the prevention of common diseases.

Chuo Pharmacy host the Asahikawa Pharmaceutical Care Conference every month, an event which is open to the public, and which intends to share with the public the latest medical and pharmaceutical industry news.

All Chuo Pharmacy's pharmacists are highly qualified and experienced, with some holding Ph.Ds in medicine.

English assistance is available at some locations.

Chuo Pharmacy Inc.

Asahikawa-shi 4 jyo 11 chome Migi 10go Makita-building

Tel: (0166) - 22 - 2108

Prescription Pharmacy

Url: www.chuo-pharm.co.jp (Japanese)


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