Asahikawa Spring
Yokoso Japanを応援しています
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Spring events and festivals
Asahikawa Spring
 until 4/7  Winter Zoo  Asahikawa
 End of April to Start of  May  Otokoyama Nature Park  Festival  Asahikawa
 5月 MAY
 5/1-5 Onneyu Onsen Azalea Festival Onneyu
 5/5 Kids Park Festival Sunagawa
 5/1 to June Kamiyubetsu Tulip Fair Yubetsu
 5/1 to June Takinoue Pinkmoss Festival  Takinoue
 Beginning of May Asahiyama Park Cherry Blossom  Asahikawa
Shizunai Cherry Blossom Festival  Shin Hidaka
Higashikawa Town Drive  Higashikawa
 5/15 Green and Flower Festival  Sunagawa
 Mid May Genki Forest Festival  Ashibetsu
The Great Wall Festival  Shimokawa
 End of May Spring Festival  Higashikawa
Dandelion Festival  Mukawa
Azalea and Asparagus Festival  Mukawa
Lily of the Valley Festival  Biratori
Canola Blossom Festival  Takikawa
Strawberry Picking Season  Pippu
Shrimp Festival  Mashike
 6月 JUNE
 6/5 Hokkaido Musical Parade  Asahikawa
 6/5,6 Beef Festival  Shiraoi
 until 6/6 Tulip Festival  Yubetsu
 until 6/7 Pinkmoss Festival  Takinoue

Yosakoi Festival

 6/13 Healthy Marathon  Biei
 6/19,20 Asahidake Open  Higashikawa
 6/20 Tokachidake Open  Biei
 6/26,27 Street Festival  Asahikawa
 6/26,27 Oumu Festival  Oumu
  Flower Festival  Higashikagura

Biei Town

Biei Town -  美瑛町

Biei is like a page from a picture book, capturing spreading rolling hills and an almost complete panoramic view of the Taisetsu mountain range. You can enjoy Biei throughout the year, with the snow-capped tips of the Taisetsuzan contrasting the bare soil in spring, beautiful flowers and blue sky in the summer, autumn leaves and bright yellow rape blossoms in fall, and pure white powder snow in winter.

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   Spring in Asahikawa

Asahikawa Spring

At the conclusion of the long cold winter, the colour slowly returns to Asahikawa. Japan’s all time favorite, Sakura (cherry blossom) starts to bloom around Golden Week (Japan’s holiday week starting from the end of April to the beginning of May.) Tulips, azaleas, and many other flowers start to bloom and the trees start to display pale green leaves which darken during subsequent months. The mountains start to lose their snow-tops making them accessible to climbers and hikers, while the snow melt provides ideal conditions for river adventures.

Spring Delicacies
Asahikawa Food
Snow Crab ズワイガニ
  Snow crab (zuwai-gani)
Hokkaido is famous for various types crab. Snow crab is one of the best.
Pacific Herring にしん
  Pacific Herring (Nishin)
Grilled, marinated in Nuka (rice bran,) or Kazunoko (fish egg), there are many ways to enjoy one of Hokkaido’s favorite fish.
Alaskan Pink Shrimp あまえび
  Alaskan Pink shrimp (Amaebi)
The difference in the quality of shrimp comes simply down to freshness. Catch the shrimp season in Hokkaido during spring and you'll know what we're talking about.
Okhotsk Atka Mackerel ホッケ
  Okhotsk Atka Mackerel
Hokke is a fish native to the seas around Hokkaido. You can try it all year round, but spring is usually best.
Japanese Angelica-tree shoot (Tarano-me) たらの芽
  Japanese Angelica-tree shoot   (Tarano-me)
Tarano-me is the one of the very first mountain vegetables able to be picked after winter. The all-natural, local tarano-me is best enjoyed tempura style.
Bush bamboo shoot 姫たけ
  Bush bamboo shoot
  (sasatake, himetake)
Hokkaido does not have the same bamboo that can be found in other parts of Japan, but small sized (about a meter or two) bamboo is just as good or better for eating. Hokkaido bamboo shoots are generally less bitter and thus easier to eat for the uninitiated.
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