Craft & Design Tanno

Norio Tanno (wood artist)

1951 Born in Asahikawa

1973 Graduated from Hokkaido Design Research Center(now the Hokkaido Institute of Design)

1980 Established Craft & Design Tanno

1982 Received an award at the “Playful wooden box exhibition” (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art). Also received many other craft awards and held exhibitions nation wide. Presently working on more unique and innovative designs at his Asahikawa, Sakuraoka, Studio.

Mr. Tanno is a local wood craft artist who is known as one of pioneers of this genre. His innovative designs and utilization of different woods have helped to change people's perception of wood craft.

Signature Product: Card Holder (rounded Form)

Soft and simple is the basic concept of this card holder. The wood breathes, shrinks, and stretches yet maintains a perfect shape. Take a look at the difference in materials and choose your favorite one.

Work Studio Miyabi

Masakage Tanno (wood artist)

1980 Born in Asahikawa

2001 Graduated from Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts. Started his career with his father at Craft & Design Tanno.

Signature Product: Business card case

This small, simple, and stylish business card case entertains you with its magnetic clasp. Touch and feel the warmth of the wood with its modern and sophisticated design.

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