Tomita Farm Nakafurano

As far as day trip ideas from Asahikawa go, Tomita Farm is a great choice. A 10ha lavender paradise, Tomita Farm provides ample opportunity for relaxed walks surrounded by seemingly endless patchwork of color, so beautifully arranged and expertly manicured, that the hills seem almost artificial.

Beautiful birch-lined pathways provide comfortable shaded access to the many lavender gift shops, workshops, and rest stops scattered throughout the gardens. The workshops allow visitors to see first-hand how the harvested lavender is treated, worked, and turned into the countless lavender infused products available as elegant gifts and items for everyday use.

Lovers of sweets will be impressed by the lavender flavored soft-serve ice cream, pudding, and jelly found at the cafe, along with plenty of other light lunch options.

Nakafurano is about an hour south-east of Asahikawa by car and should definitely appear of any visitors itinerary.

Tomita Farm Access

By Car
From Asahikawa airport: 45 min.
From Asahikawa city: about 60 min

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Lavender Farm Tomita

Tel:    0167-39-3939

Season:    Late April ~ September

Hours:   8:30am ~ 5:00pm

The Tomita Farm Lavender gift shop is open all year round.

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