Daisetsuzan National Park

daisetsu national parkThe Daisetsuzan National Park (pronounced Taisetsuzan locally) is located in the middle of Hokkaido and is commonly referred to as “the roof of Hokkaido” owing to its being home to the biggest mountains in Hokkaido; Asahidake with its caldera in the Taisetsu mountain range, Tokachidake within the volcanically active Tokachidake mountain range, Shikaribetsu mountain range surrounding Shikaribetsu Lake, and Ishikari mountain range. In 1934, the Daisetsuzan became Japan’s largest mountain National park covering a total area of 230,000 hectares.

The primary attraction of the Daisetsuzan National Park lies both in its size and its diverse nature. Many plants, flowers, and animals have evolved in the Daisetsuzan over a long time and are unique to the area. You are also able to enjoy some of the most striking scenery in Hokkaido with unique rock formations and many waterfalls. Most of the rivers running through Hokkaido start their journey here. Each season is distinctly different and all provide colorful, breath-taking scenery.

Warnings for the Daisetsuzan

daisetsu national parkHiguma (Hokkaido Brown bear)
The Daisetsuzan is the bears’ home.
Please remember...
- to check bear updates
- to walk in groups
- to make noise on winding trails
- to take garbage with you
- not to hike at dusk and dawn
- to come back if you see any new evidence of bears being present

Volcanic Gas
In the middle of the Daisetsuzan, there is a 2 kilometer wide caldera called Ohachi-daira. It is still active in producing poisonous gases. There are more places that could be producing poisonous gas around Asahidake and Tokachidake. Try to avoid the caldera if you have any heart disease or asthma.

Avalanche and rapid water
There are several major avalanches in the Daisetsuzan every year. Please use extra caution during winter and spring. Also when you are crossing a wash, please be aware that rapid water can form anytime.

When in the National Park,
remember to...
  1. To protect the nature for future generations.
  2. Not to feed wild animals and NOT to pick wild life.
  3. Not to walk off the trails.
  4. To find information about the Hokkaido bear and to be prepared.
  5. To take your garbage with you.
  6. To take a portable toilet.
  7. To use a protective cap on your trekking pole.
  8. To check the mountain conditions before you leave to prevent accidents.
  9. To register before you go in and to take a map and compass with you.
  10. To behave yourself!!
  11. Not to go in during the snow melt and storms to protect trails.
  12. To respect rangers' advice.

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Autumn Tours with TNT

Taisetsu Nature Tours
The Daisetsuzan is arguably at its most stunning in Autumn as the mountains deliver an almost unreal diversity of color.

Asahidake, Sounkyo, Shirogane, Tenninkyo, and Akadake all provide something unique and must be seen to be believed.

The time during which the colors are most vivid is a lottery, depending on solely on the climate. At TNT, we are flexible and dedicated to taking you to the best Autumn location at the given time of the tour.

Professionally guided Autumn tours are available from September 20th until October 25th and start from
¥18,000 (depending on the number of members).

Please note that tour times and numbers are strictly limited. Please contact us as soon as possible to make a reservation for an Autumn adventure to remember.

Contact us at:

Accommodation in
The Daisetsuzan

The Daisetsuzan National Park is Japan's biggest national park, and as you would expect, there are plenty of accommodation options available ranging in style, price, and accessibility. For a perfect mountain getaway for all seasons, definitely consider the following regions:

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Tenninkyo Onsen 天人峡

Shirogane Onsen 白金温泉

Sounkyo Onsen 層雲峡