National Route 275, which is parallel to Hokkaido's main North-South route (National Route 40), will take you to Horokanai-cho. A short one hour drive from Asahikawa, on the way you'll be able to enjoy some spectacular scenery. Lush green forest in spring and summer, surreal autumn colors in fall, and a clean white-out in winter.

Though there are many avenues to Horokanai, the best route is Hokkaido Route72 from Asahikawa. Driving through the thick forest, the views from top of the mountains are unreal.

Horokanai-cho is the biggest soba (buckwheat) producer by land-size and production volume in Japan. The soba fields are completely covered by attractive soba flowers from June, which in itself is worth a look.

Horokanai is home to Lake Shumarinai, a large man-made lake offering trout in summer and smelt in winter when the lake completely freezes over. This is also one of the finest camping locations close to Asahikawa, affording genuinely relaxed surroundings for lovers of the outdoors.

Events in Horokanai

幌加内町新そば祭り Horokanai-cho Shin-soba Matsuri
(buckwheat noodle festival)

First weekend in September
Celebrate the soba harvest in Japan's biggest soba producing town. Although there's plenty of soba, you can also try other tasty food and learn about soba culture. read more

Horokanai-cho Trivia

朱鞠内湖 Lake Shumarinai

Lake Shumarinai is the biggest man-made lake in Japan. Its campground is meticulously maintained while the lake itself allows people to fish for trout in summer and smelt in winter.

幌加内町The origins of the name "Horokanai"

The name Horokanai originated from the Ainu word horka-nay which means creek running into the river.

幌加内町 Least populated town in Japan
Horokanai town is as big as one third of Tokyo prefecture, 767.03km², but the population is only1,811. The population density of this town is 2.36 per km² which is the lowest of any Japanese town. If Horokanai were a village, it would rank the second least populated village in Japan.

道の駅 森と湖の里 ほろかない Michi no Eki
Mori to Mizuumi no sato Horokanai
(Forest and Lake town)
Michi no Eki (rest area) is located between Horokanai town center and Lake Shumarinai. You'll find a souvenir shop and soba restaurant inside and a hot spring hotel next to it.

       (Please note that the shop is closed on Tuesdays while the Hot spring         hotel is closed on Wednesdays.)


Horokanai-cho Official page
Click here (Japanese only)

Horokanai Tourism Association
Horokanai-cho Uryu-gun, Hokkaido

Main industry: Agriculture, farming

How to get to Horokanai from Asahikawa

Through Wassamu
Go North on Route 40 and take Route 48 from Wassamu-cho
65km 1:30

Through Shunkodai
From Asahikawa, go Takasu are and take Route 72 through Etanbetsu
40km 55min

Through Chuwa
From Asahikawa, take Route 98 then take Route 915 and merge to Route 72 in Etanbetsu
45km 1:00

JR Asahikawa Station to
JR Fukagawa Station then by bus to Horokanai (see below). 

JR Bus
From JR Fukagawa Station to Horokanai-cho bus terminal

Horokanai-cho MAP


    Asahikawa City
    Asahikawa's Neighbours
    Asahiyama Zoo
    Aibetsu Town
    Daisetsuzan National Park
    Higashikawa Town
    Kamui Ski Links
    Otokoyama Park
    Tomita Lavender Farm