Asahikawa Access

To Asahikawa Airport by air

From Tokyo 1:35
From Nagoya 1:45
From Hakodate 0:55

From Asahikawa Airport

Airport to Asahikawa city
By bus    45min - ¥570
By taxi   30min - ¥3,500

Airport to Furano
By bus    60min - ¥750
By taxi   50min - ¥10,000

Airport to Kurodake & Sounkyo
By taxi   110min - ¥18,000
(Bus is only available from Asahikawa city)

From Asahikawa City

City to Asahikawa Airport
By taxi    30min     - ¥3,500
By bus    45min     - ¥570

Bus Stop             
 Denki Kido 77 ・ Dohoku Bus 79
 Furano Bus Lavender - go

City to Furano
Take Route 237 for Biei and Furano 56km  - 1hour
JR Rail: Furano Line           Furano Station       80min
Bus        80min - ¥860

Bus Stop              
Furano Bus     Lavender-go

<Summer Only>
JR Biei / Furano Norokko-go

City to Asahidake
From Asahikawa, take 1 jyo (Route1160, Asahikawa-Taisetsuzan-Sounkyo-sen) to the East. After you pass Chubetsu-Dam, take the right to Tenninkyo, then take the left for Asahidake. 43km  - 1hour
Bus      70~100min - ¥1320

Bus Stop              
 Denki Kido 66 to Asahidake Onsen / Tenninkyo

To Sapporo
Route 12 to Sapporo 140km- 3 hours
Sapporo station(01) 1:20 - ¥2420
Bus      2:15  - ¥2000

Bus stop
Chuo Bus Terminal

To Hakodate
Take Route 12 to Sapporo and take Route 5 to south from Sapporo 390km 8hours

Train To Hakodate station (H75) 5:20
Bus      7:30  ¥6680 
(transit at Sapporo)

Bus stop
Cho Bus Terminal

To Kushiro
Take Route 38 to Obihiro/Kushiro direction 300km 6hours

Train To kushiro station(K53) 
7 hrs ¥5560~
Bus      7 hrs ¥5300

Bus stop  
Sunrise Asahikwa/Kushiro-go

To Wakkanai
Take Route 40 to Wakkanai 250km 5hours
To Wakkanai station(W80) 
3:35 ¥5250~
Bus      5 hrs ¥4350

Bus stop
Souya Bus Wakkanai-go

From Osaka 2:20
From Kushiro 0:45

Airport to Asahiyama Zoo
By bus    35min - ¥500
By taxi   30min - ¥3,500

Airport to Asahidake Onsen
By taxi   50min - ¥9,300
(Bus is only available from Asahikawa city and Higashikawa-cho)



City to Biei
Take Route 237 for Biei & Furano 24km - 30min
JR Rail: Furano Line           Biei Station         32min
Bus        50min ¥540

Bus Stop  
and  Dohoku Bus 39 to Shirogane or Dohoku Bus 40 to Biei

City to Shirogane Onsen
From Asahikawa, take route 237 East for Biei and Furano.
Turn left (to face the mountains) at the major intersection to downtown Biei 57km - 70min 
Bus      90min - ¥1100

Bus Stop             
or Dohoku 39 to Shirogane

City to Kurodake/Sounkyo
Take Route 39 for Kamikawa / Sounkyo 66km - 60min
Bus        110min - ¥1900

Bus Stop              
 Dohoku Bus 81 to Sounkyo

To Chitose Airport

Route 12 to Sapporo, from Sapporo take Route 36 to Chitose Airport 160km 3:20
Shin Chitose Airport  2:10 
Bus      3:40 ¥3000 
(Transit at Sapporo)

Bus Stop             
Chuo Bus Terminal

To Obihiro   
Take Route 38 to Obihiro190km 3:30

Train To Obihiro station(K31) 5:35
Bus      5:30 ¥3150

Bus stop or  
North Liner-go

To Abashiri
Take Route 39 to Abashiri 225km 4:40

Train To Abashiri station(A69) 
3:45 ¥4930~

Winter Driving

Buses are an easy and inexpensive way of heading to the mountains from Asahikawa, but some prefer the hands-on approach that comes with driving themselves. This is easy enough provided you bring your international driver's license with you and manage not to lose your passport along the way.

The road conditions are generally very good as a result of the meticulous snow clearing operations on the part of the city and surrounding towns but can become difficult quickly.

The majority of roads are un-salted so for the entire time you will be driving on snow or ice on snow tires.

This is not altogether difficult but can be tense for first timers. Really, it does not take long to get used to but remember that initially you will be facing foreign signals and road signs and this can be a little distracting.

Note also that during winter some smaller roads may be permanently inaccessible. Try to stick to main roads when possible.


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