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Art Hotels Asahikawa

The Art Hotels Asahikawa offers outstanding quality and hospitality in the Dohoku (Northern Hokkaido) area. Formerly known as the Loisir Hotel, it has recently come under the Naqua Hotels and Resorts Group umbrella.

The Hotel is perfectly situated within close reach of the city sights and restaurant quarter and provides the best day-trip access to popular tourist destinations like The Taisetsu Mountain Range, Furano, Biei, or the must-see Asahiyama Zoo. As an inner city hotel, the AHA is the best place to stay for both sight-seeing and business purposes.

The recently renovated guest rooms provide improved space and comfort and combined with the outstanding quality of service will ensure guests a memorable stay.

All of the hotel's rooms, a total of 265, are spacious twin size rooms, and Wi-Fi is available throughout the property. All rooms use down comforters for additional warmth and comfort, while the AHA also offers varying room plans to best suit your needs, with triple rooms or Japanese style rooms available. All rooms come furnished with high quality amenities as Asahikawa-city is renowned for furniture providing comfort and tranquility while at the same time saving space.

In the lobby, the staff are more than happy to help you with any questions regarding your stay or your room. Please feel free to contact them at your leisure.

   3 Great Reasons To Choose The Art Hotels Asahikawa  
Japanese Restaurant Arashiyama
Arashiyama provides a calm, traditional, Japanese atmosphere and exquisite food for a relaxing, delicious lunch or dinner. A great place to start discovering the many culinary secrets available to visitors to Asahikawa.
Lilas Restaurant
Lilas is the Loisir Hotel's 1st floor buffet restaurant. ‘Lilas’ offers the best of seasonal local ingredients from Asahikawa city and its suburbs. All of the dishes are prepared by the AHA's iron chefs.
Stella Marise
Stella Marise is now offering quality Teppan-yaki in addition to stunning city views. This internationally famous style of dining is being introduced to Asahikawa for the first time. Sit back and watch the Chef cook before your eyes.


7 Jyo - 6 Chome, Asahikawa City,
Hokkaido, Japan, 070-0037

Tel:    (0166) 25-8811

Official URL:

Asahiyama Zoo
Asahiyama Zoo

Asahikawa's Asahiyama Zoo has become the city's most popular tourist attraction in recent years, replacing Asahikawa ramen (hot noodle soup) for that particular title.

With a ridiculously low entrance fee, modern and innovative enclosure design, and commitment to improvement for both animals and visitors, it's really a great day or night out.

Asahiyama zoo is open for both the summer and winter seasons with only a short period of down time for the summer to winter season transition.

Asahiyama Zoo
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