Asahikawa Tourism
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Shopping in Asahikawa

Shopping in Asahikawa starts with the main shopping street Kaimono Koen. Starting across from the main train station south of the city and stretching for about 13 blocks north, Kaimono Koen is the hub of Asahikawa's economic activity.

At the south end (the first three blocks) you will find the major department stores Seibu, Okuno, Maruiimai, Exc! and Marukatsu. Seibu, Maruiimai and Marukatsu have supermarkets on their basement floors. Maruiimai and Seibu have food courts on their top floors while Exc! and Okuno have cafes and restaurants scattered between the first two floors. Most restaurants will close at the same time as the store with the exception of Okuno's "gourmet basement" whose restaurants stay open well into the night.

As you head north the shops become smaller and more specific in nature and become increasingly diluted by restaurants. A quick walk to end and back will quickly reveal what is available.


Recommended Shops

At Okuno, the focus is on famous fashions from Japan and all over the world. The store is filled with select shops carrying only the latest season's items. When you get tired or hungry, visit the gourmet basement for some excellent food, or relax with a perfect coffee at the street-side cafe.

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Asahikawa SeibuSeibu
lf convenience is your thing, look no further. Seibu comprises two large buildings side-by-side and sits directly across the street from the city train station. What you would expect from from a typical department store with a little more attention to detail.

Asahikawa Yamamoto Optitian Yamamoto Optician
Fine collection of name brand glasses and Japanese made quality lenses.

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Recommended Gift

Asahikawa craftAsahikawa Crafts

Asahikawa is known as a "furniture town." There are many wood craft artists making unique furniture and small crafts.

Asahikawa craftPottery
Arashiyama Hill on the east side of Asahikawa is home to a pottery village where you can view and buy and beautiful locally-made Japanese pottery.

Asahikawa proudly promotesYukara-ori hand weaving which is inspired by native Ainu patterns highlighting the seasonal beauty of Hokkaido's scenery.

Asahikawa sakeAsahikawa Local Sake Breweries
There are 3 major sake breweries in Asahikawa. Otokoyama, which is recognized the world over; Takasago, which offers a nice historic brewery site and special brewed sake in winter; and Taisetsu no kura, which showcases a broadselection of sakeand a delightful small restaurantat
Asahikawa sakethe brewery. A mini-bottle(350 to 500ml) makes a perfect traditional gift.

3 Breweries Tour

Asahikawa Ramen noodles Asahikawa Ramen

Many popular ramen noodle shops offer their original ramen in instant noodle soup packets that you can take home with you.

Deden AsahikawaAsahikawa Sweets

Many cake shops and bakeries in Asahikawa use local produce. Asahikawa and its surrounding
areas offer tasty fruit and fresh dairy.


Like Shiseido products? Shiseido have countless products that have never been sold outside of Japan. Many other fine Japanese brand cosmetics will provide you with Japanese beauty secrets.

Electrical and Electronic Goods

Check out all that Japan's got to offer. Just browsing around the electrical stores for the latest technology is an exciting field trip for techies!

Rest & Relax

Asahikawa cafes
Asahikawa cafes

Take a break at one of Asahikawa's beautiful cafes. Sip some good coffee, read a magazine or grab a bit to eat.
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Music & Entertainment

Asahikawa bars
Asahikawa Bars

Find a place to grab a drink, shoot pool, watch the game or listen to some local live music.
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Zerubu no oka
Where to go

Get information about great places to visit in and around Asahikawa during different seasons.

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Our recommended restaurants having an English menu,
outstanding food and goodtimes always!.

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