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Asahikawa Cafes  

Despite it being a relatively recent phenomenon, affection for coffee has grown considerably in Japan over the past three decades and is showing no signs of slowing.

With the continued growth in coffee popularity driven by franchised shops offering a well tested and well marketed menu, it is easy to overlook some of the small local tea and coffee houses for the sake of convenience.

Having said that, for those people that like to enjoy a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere, take their time, read a book, magazine or newspaper, Asahikawa definitely has plenty to offer.

Cafes are scattered all over Asahikawa's city and suburbs and are sometimes difficult to find if you don't know what to look for. Upstairs, downstairs, tucked away in dim little alleys, you can walk for 10 minutes and not realize that you have passed several.

The attraction however is not the challenge of finding them, but rather finding out what is inside. For the most part, the coffee will be freshly ground from very good coffee beans, simple and to the point with only the standard extras. The prices are generally similar, floating somewhere between ¥400 and ¥700.

It is the interior design, decoration and ambience of the cafes that is their biggest point of interest. It seems that most are in some way dedicated to an appreciation of something other than coffee. I have spent time in cafes dedicated to trains in Japan for example, with the artwork on all walls depicting a rail journey of some description. Others are dedicated to photography and house beautifully framed images from local semi-professional artists. Others are inspired by local art and craft, displaying locally made dolls, toys carvings and the like, as well as offering small pieces for sale as gifts or souvenirs.

There really is more to Asahikawa's cafes than sipping a cup of coffee. And although the coffee may, by recent standards, be simple, the insight into the personality of the owners through their choice of interior decoration by no means is.

Recommended Cafes

There are many choices when it comes to having a coffee in Asahikawa. Given that most places use high quality beans, and that prices will tend to be similar, the trade-off becomes between atmosphere and distance traveled. The ones listed below should give you a basic idea of what's available.

旭川市 宮越屋珈琲Miyakoshiya Coffee
Miyakoshiya is a great little cafe on the ground floor of the Okuno Department Store. Conveniently located in the heart of the shopping district, it is the ideal location for a break from shopping, getting your day started or meeting  friends.

旭川市 茶屋珈風里巣 (かぷりす)Chaya Capris
About an 8 minute walk from the city centre, Chaya Capris is worth looking into if you like a warm, friendly atmosphere and enjoy a good cup of coffee or fine Chinese Tea. Comfortable, friendly, and interesting.

旭川市 ちろるChiroru
One of the city's oldest cafe, and probably the most famous one since this cafe was used in the novel "Hyoten (freezing point)" by Ayako Miura, Japan's most famous Christian writer. coming soon

旭川市 クラフト館Craft Kan
This cafe is decorated with splendid wood craft.

coming soon

Convenience Stores in Asahikawa

Convenience stores in Japan are just that, ...convenient!. They offer just about anything and at reasonable prices. Most of those stores have an international ATM with English, Chinese,French, and Spanish support to withdraw money from your international accounts.
    Seven Eleven

  • 1jo8chome
  • 3jo7chome
  • 4jo4chome
  • 4jo10chome
  • 5jo7chome
  • 8jo8chome

  • 1jo7chome
  • 1jo9chome
  • 2jo8chome
  • 2jo6chome
  • 4jo8chome
  • 5jo10chome
    Seico Mart

  • 6jo7chome
Soft Serve Ice cream

Hokkaido's soft serve ice cream is very different to what you tried before. Every shop has their secret recipe and most of them uses their own organic milk.

旭川市 ソフトクリーム

Natural Farm Agri
Toma-cho Chuo 3ku

Very light, not too sweet soft serve. You also can get organic vegetables and sausages. Closed October to April

Cow & Curf
Etanbetsu-cho Takuhoku214

In the middle of nowhere, you see lines of cars parked on the side of the road.

Higashi kagura-cho
Higashi 2-16-97

Just a minute from Asahikawa airport. Their gelati and coffee are amazing.Open Thurs. through Sun.

Toyooka 15jo7chome

The most famous soft serve of Fukagawa-shi is now in town. They have drive-through as well.

Garden Cafe&Kitchen
Toko 10jo1chome3-12

Local's favorite. They have restaurant next door too.