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Chaya Capris

Chaya Capris allows you to enjoy a unique atmosphere combining influences from Japanese (of course), Asian, and Western cultures. "Chaya" is the name used for a tea shop found in the middle of a journey, a relic from the time when walking was the only means of getting around. Capris means "as you like" in French and reflects the owner's (Yuki) hospitality.

As soon as you walk in, you will feel something different. Capris has a bit of everything; antique Japanese drawers, Maneki-neko (happy welcoming kitten), many plants, cozy tatami room, modern and comfortable counter chairs, and exotic tapestry to mention a few. You can feel the warmth of being welcomed from the time you enter.

Capris offers coffee, English tea, Japanese tea, Chinese tea, juice, and food. From 11:30 to 2:00 everyday, Yuki serves a different Japanese-style lunch menu. One of her specialties is a tortilla sandwich that Yuki likes to call her Mexican pizza. The snack menu includes things like pizza toast and pancakes, so a diverse range of lunch options is available to you at all times.

Most of the regular customers are people who loved the good old 'coffee time' about 20 years ago. The older generations cherish Yuki's willingness to remember the good days past. Once you visit Capris, you will realize why people enjoy spending time there.

Whether it's in the middle of a busy day of shopping, afternoon tea, when you are a bit hungry, or anytime you want to sit and wind down, Yuki's smile is there to relax you.


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     2 Jo 11 Chome
     Tel: 0166-26-6636
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