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Recommended food

Hokkaido is famous for its fresh seafood and locally produced vegetables. The city serves as Hokkaido's transport hub for farm produce and seafood owing to its central location in Hokkaido, and allows visitors year-round access to the best Hokkaido has to offer.


Soft, juicy, white-meat fish that is best enjoyed hot off the grill.

hokke_okhostk_atka_mackerel Hokke (Okhostk Atka Mackerel)
Hokkaido's famous fish. Great on the grill or minced into a delicious fish ball.

sakeSake (salmon)
Hokkaido's favorite fish. There are a few different types of salmon here. Great on the grill, in soup, sushi, and BBQ.

asahikawa_seafood Kani (crab)
You have to try crab here. Crab is what Hokkaido is famous for. There are several kinds of crabs available, so you can find the taste that's most suitable for you.

Only the freshest shrimp meat is almost completely clear and tastes amazing raw. In Asahikawa you will be able to try plenty of great tasting shrimp.

Lovers of scallops and other clams will be impressed by the preparation, presentation and flavour of clams available in Asahikawa.

Local mountain vegetables.
Many restaurants in the city have recently started using locally sourced mountain herbs and vegetables as well as organically grown potato, buckwheat, asparagus, corn, melon, and mushrooms amongst others.

Recommended Restaurant style

Whether you enjoy fresh seafood, organic vegetables, authentic Japanese food, or just want some culinary surprises, Hokkaido is the place to be. Asahikawa has a reputation as a gourmet town, and once here you'll be able to dive headlong into countless dining adventures.


asahikawa_ramenAsahikawa Ramen
Ramen is the noodle soup all Japanese people love. Asahikawa Ramen, with its hearty soup base, enjoys a fine reputation throughout Japan.
asahikawa_yakiniku Yakiniku
Yakiniku is one of the most popular 'night-out' Japanese dining styles. Personal table top bbq, cook your own meat and veggies over a few ice cold beers, sounds good doesn't it.
Fresh Hokkaido seafood will change the way you approach sushi forever.
izakaya Izakaya
There are many styles of izakaya in the city, from strictly Japanese style to more contemporary fusion style. There are no mains or entrees in an izakaya, just a large number of small dishes that you keep ordering until satisfied.
Since Hokkaido goes through a severe winter, a hot clay pot stew, known as nabe, is one of the most popular foods in Asahikawa. From seafood, vegetarian, salmon only, to milk and cheese style, there are many styles of nabe. to enjoy.
hokkaido_foodLocally produced only
Hokkaido is recognized as one of the least polluted places in Japan making it a stand-out for the enjoyment of organic or natural foods.
Recommended Gift

asahikawa_sakeAsahikawa Sake
Asahikawa is one of the most famous sake producing towns, taking advantage of the crystal-clear, mineral-rich mountain water to brew outstandingly smooth sake. There are 3 sake micro-brewers in the city.

packet_ramen Asahikawa Ramen is available in take home packets (just add water) at many ramen shops. The taste is usually reasonably close to the shops original. In case of ramen emergency, you can also find varieties at supermarkets and convenience stores though the quality is not as good.

electrical_goodsElectrical Goods
Japan is the world leader in consumer electrical goods, both in design and functionality. You will find the newest models at low prices here. Apologies in advance to those that will find voltage compatibility issues (Japan uses 110v).


Places to Visit

Asahikawa's Asahiyama Zoo has become the city's most popular tourist attraction in recent years, replacing Asahikawa ramen (hot noodle soup) for that particular title. With a ridiculously low entrance fee and plenty to see, it's really a great day out...

Places to Visit

Mr. Abe's gallery can be found at the front of the pyramid shaped observatory in the Northwestern Hill Observatory Park. The viewing area allows you to see beautiful panoramic view of the Taisetsu Mountain Range behind Biei’s rolling hills.


Ariko Horiuchi is the one of very few Japanese lacquer artist in Hokkaido. Her work is intended for everyday use and to fit a modern life style and has been featured in local and nation-wide magazines and newspapers as well as being displayed at countless exhibitions throughout Japan.



Soft and simple is the basic concept of these card holders. The wood breathes, shrinks, and stretches yet maintains a perfect shape. Take a look at the different materials and choose your favorite one.