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Casa El Nino
[Authentic Spanish Restaurant]

Casa El Nino

For a truly authentic Spanish experience, look no further than Casa El Nino. Located in the Asahikawa suburb of Toyooka, approximately 10 minutes by cab from the city centre, Casa El Nino is a must for people looking for a change of tempo from traditional Japanese dining.

Whether you're interested in ambience, food quality, variety, comfort, or value for money, you'll have no problem finding plenty to love about this restaurant.

The food is simply outstanding. The traditionally cured Spanish meats, tapas, paella (the squid-ink paella is AMAZING!), soups, and seafood are all exquisite and need to be tried. Nice touches like a plate of olives or jumbo capers are a perfect accompaniment to a cold glass of Spanish beer and perfectly fill the gaps between dishes. The menu is very broad, giving you multiple choices of meat, chicken, seafood, or salad dishes, while at the same time giving diners a chance to sample something perhaps less familiar with a lamb or tripe dish.

Casa El Nino is close to the city and reachable by a short and inexpensive taxi ride. A reservation is essential, and you would do well to ask your hotel's concierge for help in this regard to avoid missing out. The staff at Casa El Nino will be happy to arrange a taxi for your return journey.

This restaurant is for lovers of fine food and great atmosphere. If you enjoy taking your time and sampling many different flavors in a quiet and relaxed setting, this is the restaurant for you.

And trust us on the squid-ink paella!


Address: Asahikawa City, Toyooka 11 jo 5 chome, 4-21

Telephone:  0166-39-1112

Fax:  0166-39-1113

Lunch:  11:30 ~ 15:00am
Dinner: 17:00 ~ 23:00

Seats:  28

Reservation:  Yes

Credit cards: JCB / AMEX

Families: Welcome

Distance from JR Asahikawa station:   12 minutes by taxi.

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Casa El Nino Casa El Nino Casa El Nino
Casa El Nino Casa El Nino Casa El Nino
Casa El Nino Casa El Nino
Casa El Nino Casa El Nino  

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