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Rishiri is a fantastic Japanese Izakaya in the centre of Higashikawa Town, about 30 minutes drive from Asahikawa.

At Rishiri you'll find the best that Hokkaido has to offer, particularly with regards to the freshest Hokkaido seafood. The expertly prepared sashimi, grilled fish, oysters, and tempura are a standout for seafood lovers, though all of your Japanese favourites are well represented as part of a comprehensive menu.

Higashikawa Town is a large agricultural district, and Rishiri always uses local, fresh, seasonal produce in it's commitment to quality and to the region. This point cannot be stressed enough, and you will most certainly taste something quite special.

The restaurant is large and comfortable, offering conventional seating, small and large tatami spaces, as well as a counter area bringing you up close and personal with the chefs in action.

For all its positives, Rishiri is 30 minutes outside of Asahikawa, quite a distance. If you are renting a car, Rishiri is a must. Those wishing to get there by taxi will have to factor the cab-fare into their budget, though having said that, we would still strongly recommend giving it a try.

On weekends, a reservation is a must. To make things easier on yourselves, ask your hotel's concierge to make a reservation on your behalf to avoid disappointment. Rishiri staff will be happy to arrange a taxi for your return journey at the end of your meal.

When it comes to restaurants, you couldn't really ask for more than quality, variety, and atmosphere. You'll find all three at Rishiri.

Simply outstanding!


Address:  Higashi-machi 1 chome 6-14
Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun

Telephone:  0166-82-4088

Fax:  0166-82-4088

5:00pm to 12:00am Closed on Sunday

Seats:  50

Reservation:  Yes

Credit cards: Ok!

Families: Welcome

Distance from JR Asahikawa station:   30 minutes by taxi.

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Rishiri Rishiri Rishiri Rishiri
Rishiri Rishiri Rishiri Rishiri

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