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Kandy Spice Asahikawa

Kandy Spice

When it comes to soup curry, for flavour, atmosphere and style, you need look no further than Kandy Spice.

Kandy Spice borrows its name from the 'Kandy' region in Sri Lanka, a region famous for spices grown at high altitude, giving them a distinctive rich aroma and strong flavour. The creator of Kandy Spice spent three years in the region painstakingly tasting and collecting the spices that later became the foundation for Kandy Spice soup curry.

In addition to its aromatic Kandy spices, Asahikawa's Kandy Spice uses only natural spring water from the local Taisetsu mountain range in its creations, a wonderfully clean and mineral rich water which is also the principal ingredient in some of the famous Sake and Sho Chu from this region.

The restaurant is a delightful museum of artifacts collected from Sri Lanka and neighbouring regions. Masks, spears, statues and vases fill any available space and help to inspire a feeling of stepping onto foreign soil. The lighting is comfortably dim and matches the rooms decor perfectly.

Diners have a choice of different ingredients, different sized portions of rice, different extras, as well as the all important chili-factor (0-100 at Kandy Spice).

The soup curry is simply outstanding, and the ambience so neatly complements it, that for a while you may start to forget that you are in a small city in Japan.

The best way to get to Kandy Spice from the city is by taxi, approximately a 15 minute trip from the city hotels.


Address:  Asahikawa City, Toyooka 11-jo 7-chome 1-4

Telephone:  0166-33-1160

Website: n/a

Monday  Tuesday  Thursday  Friday
Lunch: 11:00 ~ 15:00    Dinner: 17:00 ~ 22:00

Saturday   Sunday   Public Holidays
Open:  11:00    Close:  22:00

Closed: Wednesdays

Reservation:  not necessary

Distance from station:    15 minutes by taxi.

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Kandy Spice Asahikawa Kandy Spice Asahikawa Kandy Spice Asahikawa Kandy Spice Asahikawa
Kandy Spice Asahikawa Kandy Spice Asahikawa Kandy Spice Asahikawa Kandy Spice Asahikawa

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