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Japanese Superstitions

Page 4

daisetsu national parkIf returning from a funeral, you should throw salt over yourself before entering your home. This is believed to be cleansing.
daisetsu national park
You should never write a persons name in red ink.

daisetsu national parkMany businesses use "Maneki Neko" or beckoning cats. These are considered to be lucky and bring in money and fortune.

daisetsu national park
If you catch a crow's eyes, something bad will happen.

daisetsu national park For a general charm use pine chopsticks. For something more concerned with finances, choose chestnut wood chopsticks. And for hope - cypress.

daisetsu national park
If you plant a cherry tree in your garden, your house is destroyed.

daisetsu national park
If a pregnant woman’s husband eats a lot of bananas, she will give birth to a girl.

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