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Japanese Superstitions

Like any other country, Japan has it's own unique set of beliefs, superstitions and unusual habits. Some concern themselves with numerology, some relate to death, and some simply defy any logical link to anything whatsoever. Below are some of the more common superstitions you may come across on your travels in Japan.

daisetsu national park
If you whistle in the night, you will be visited by a snake or ghost.
daisetsu national park
Your flu will be cured once you manage to contaminate somebody else.

daisetsu national park
If you hiccup 100 times consecutively,
you will die.

daisetsu national parkIf you file your nails at night, you will not be able to see your parents before they die, or alternatively, you will die early.

daisetsu national parkWhen you see a funeral car, hide your thumb or a family member will die soon.

daisetsu national park
Girls who were born in the year of Hinoe-Uma, (according to the Chinese zodiac) will be evil.

daisetsu national park
Don’t lay down right after you eat or you
will be turned into a cow.

daisetsu national park
When you urinate on a worm, your "parts" will become swollen.

daisetsu national parkSpecific combinations of Japanese food will always make you sick. For example fresh-water eel and sour plum.

daisetsu national parkWhen you see a spider in the morning, it will bring good luck. On the other hand, it is bad luck to see a spider at night.

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