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Japanese Superstitions

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daisetsu national park
If you hear thunder hide your belly button, otherwise the god of thunder will eat it.
daisetsu national park
When you buy new shoes, make sure to only wear them in the morning.

daisetsu national park
Don’t sleep with your head pointing North, this is the way the deceased are laid to rest at a funeral.

daisetsu national park
You'll stop growing if you walk around with a basket on your head.

daisetsu national park
If you wish on a shooting star three times, your wish will come true.

daisetsu national park
If you don’t finish your rice during every meal, you will go blind.

daisetsu national park If you wear new shoes on tatami (traditional Japanese flooring) and go outside, your career will fail.

daisetsu national park
If you keep a piece of shed snake-skin in your wallet, you will be rich.

daisetsu national park
If you leave a ceiling or floor fan on all night, you will die.

daisetsu national parkWhen you swim during the Obon season (August), the ghosts of the dead, returning home for Obon, will take you away with them.

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