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Top 21 Wacky Japanese Superstitions

Forget ladders and rabbits' feet, here is a list of superstitions commonly recognized in Japan.

  1. If you whistle in the night, you will be visited by a snake or ghost.
  2. Your flu is cured once you contaminate somebody else.
  3. If you hiccup 100 times consecutively, you will die.
  4. If you file your nails at night, you will not be able to see your parents when they are dying, or alternatively, you will die early.
  5. When you see a funeral car, hide your thumb or a family member will die soon.
  6. Girls who were born in the year of Hinoe-Uma, (according to the Chinese zodiac) will be evil.
  7. Don’t lay down right after you eat. You will be turned into a cow.
  8. When you urinate on a worm, your "parts" will become swollen.
  9. Some combinations of food make you sick. For example fresh-water eel and sour plum.
  10. When you see a spider in the morning, it means good luck. On the other hand, it is bad luck to see a spider at night.
  11. If you hear thunder hide your belly button, otherwise the god of thunder will eat it.
  12. You have to wear new shoes in the morning.
  13. Don’t sleep with your head pointing North.
  14. You'll stop growing if you wear a basket on your head.
  15. Wish on a shooting star three times and your wish comes true.
  16. If you don’t finish your rice during every meal, you will go blind.
  17. If you wear new shoes on tatami (traditional Japanese flooring) and go outside, your career will not be successful.
  18. If you have a fan on all night, you will die.
  19. When you swim during the Obon season (August), the returning dead will take you away with them.
  20. If you keep shed snake-skin in your wallet, you will be rich.
  21. When you are pregnant, clean the toilet bowl to ensure you have a good looking baby.

So there you have it, hope this helps you turn your luck around if you need it.