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Takikawa CityTakikawa city is located halfway between Asahikawa and Sapporo along Route 12. Takikawa is conveniently situated at the point at which the Ishikari River, Japan's 3rd longest river, merges with the Sorachi River, making Takikawa a sought after destination for all manner of water sports.

Takikawa City is the biggest city in the Sorachi County and relies primarily on agriculture as its major source of income with rapeseed (Canola) the most visually obvious of the city's agricultural endeavours. There are several other tourist activities to be enjoyed in Takikawa, though most have not yet been effectively marketed.

Visitors are able to enjoy the above-mentioned water sports (water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing), as well as plenty of non-river related activities like golf, park golf, camping, and gliding.

Takikawa is not in itself a stand-alone tourism destination yet, but is a conveniently short day trip from either Sapporo or Asahikawa. With a good bit a planning and time management, you should be able to find plenty to do.

Takikawa Food

Takikawa Genghis-Khan


You would be excused for assuming that Genghis-Khan is the name of the founding father of the Mongol Empire, and though true, the historical context is lost in Hokkaido, with Genghis-Khan being the term of choice to describe marinated bbq lamb, a good example of which can be seen above.

Lamb is not consumed in Japan in earth shattering quantities, but marinated lamb, Genghis-Khan is the Dosanko's (Hokkaido born person) favorite food.. The Matsuo Genghis Khan company started producing marinated lamb to entice people to eat lamb and mutton that had been brought to Hokkaido for wool production.

In a short space of time, Genghis-Khan became Hokkaido's signature dish and in Hokkaido, when people say BBQ, they inevitably mean Genghis-Khan. If this is a little confusing, remember that generally speaking, a western-style or Korean-style BBQ would be termed "Yakiniku" (fried meat) in Japan.

Takikawa Event Festivals

Takikawa Nanohana Matsuri Takikawa Nanohana Matsuri
Canola Festival

End of May
This festival is an ode to the Canola blossom, with expansive fields of green and yellow easily dominating the scenery around Takikawa from the end of May to early June. A Sunday during the peak of the flower season sees the holding of the Nanohana Matsuri at Maruka Kogen. A free shuttle bus service to the largest fields is available from the Takikawa Michinoeki, while a taxi tour is only 500yen.
Check out the 「Nanohana Map 」for detailed locations.

10:00am~ 15:00pm
(Nanohana fields are open anytime)
Admission: Free
From Asahikawa; 
1:20 + Free Parking  N/A
JR Ebeotsu     
 Paved roads besides the fields

Takikawa genghis khan Festival Genghis-Khan Oukoku
Takikawa 2009

Early July
Try a large number of different styles of Genghis-Khan in a day. Admission is only 1,500yen (pre-sold ticked) for all you can eat Genghis-Khan and vegetables.

July 5, 2009
10:00am~ 17:00pm
Advanced   1,500yen (Children 500yen) 
At the door 1,700yen (Children 600yen)
  1:20 Free Parking   N/A
  JR Takikawa    Ok

Takikawa Tourism and Trivia

Takikawa Name origin

The origins of the name "Takikawa"
Takikawa City is located where the Ishikari and Sorachi Rivers merge. The Sorachi River is called "Sorapu chipet" in Ainu which means "river with water fall". The first settlers named the town Takikawa combining the word for fall "taki" with the word for river "kawa".

Takikawa River museum

Kawa no kagaku-kan
River Science Museum
The museum is located 10 min. away from JR Takikawa Station where the Raune River, popular for canoeing in summer and ice fishing in winter, meets the Ishikari River. There are several aquariums varying in size on lower level, displaying many fish native to the Ishikari river (actually, the employees caught most of the fish for the exhibits).

On the second level, you can learn the history of the Ishikari river and how it has evolved over time with the aid of easy to follow, hands-on materials.

The museum's library has collected an impressive number of books on river systems from all over the world, all of which you can browse through in the comfort of the quiet reading area.

Outside of the facility, you'll find a "River walk" where you can walk along a 1/1000 replica of the Ishikari river to see it's actual movement. There is mini-pool by the entrance allowing kids to spend some fun hours fishing.

10:00am~ 17:00pm
(Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays when Mon is holiday)
 1:20 Free Parking available  N/A
 JR Takikawa Station    Accommodated

Takikawa Sky park

Takikawa Sky Park
Takikawa Sky Park is one of the most popular gliding facilities in Japan. It is located by the Ishikari river bank, just behind JR Takikawa Station.
There, you can see various gliders in the Sky Museum, while the more adventurous can reserve a flight. There are several pricing structures, but basically, the flight prices are as follows:
Adult 7,000yen, Children up to high school age: 4,000yen
for 10min.
Please note that a reservation is necessary).

TEL: 0125-24-3255  or 0125-22-2976      
FAX: 0125-23-3777

Takikawa natural history museum and science museum

Natural History Museum/Science Museum for Children
History, art and lots of fun for the kids, these two museums will provide you with many well spent hours.

10:00am~ 17:00pm
(Closed on Mondays, & Tuesdays when Monday is a holiday) Admission: Natural History Museum only
¥600 -  Adults
¥360 - 16-18yrs
¥240 - 13-15yrs
¥120 -   6-12yrs

Natural History Museum & Science Museum for Children
¥800 -  Adults
¥500 - 16-18yrs
¥300 - 13-15yrs
¥200 -   6-12yrs

Natural History Museum, Science Museum for Children & Local Museum
¥900 -  Adults
¥570 - 16-18yrs
¥340 - 13-15yrs
¥230 -   6-12yrs              

Free for children under 6 years of age.

  1:20 Free Parking available   N/A
  JR Takikawa Station    Ok

Takikawa City

Takikawa City
Official Site

(Japanese only)

Takikawa Tourism Association
Smile-Biru 1F
Sakaemachi 3 chome 9-2

Main Industries:Agriculture・manufacturing Industries・Services

Takikawa Camp grounds

Maruka Kogen

Fureaino-sato Cottage
(in Japanese only)

How to get  to Takikawa

Go south(to Sapporo direction) on Route12
50km 1:10

From Asahikawa Takasu IC
To Takikawa IC
55km 45mins


JR Asahikawa-JR Takikawa
2~3 trains per an hour
29min  ¥2,450(one-way)

Map of Takikawa
See larger map

 「Takikawa 」

Michi no Eki "Takikawa" is located on Route 12. Fresh local vegetables are sold in front of here and its restaurant offers local famous flour "Haruyutaka" noodles and "Aigamo (a cross between a wild and a domestic duck. )"

Takikawa Michinoeki


Takikawa Photos

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